New York City Beach Restoration by Garrison Architects

The city of new York commissioned Garrison Architects to design the new facilities to submit some modular work to restore the beaches. The 37 permanent steel framed modular structures designed by Garrison Architects would be deployed at 15 sites in Rockaway Beach in Queens, Brooklyn’s Coney Island and Middland beach, Wolfe’s Pond Park, and Cedar Grove in Staten Island part of an overall rebuilding of the beaches following Hurricane Sandy. Each structure will be elevated above grade to resist destruction by future storms.

In order to meet such an aggressive design and construction schedule the building and the component are design as a system of modular component. Both modular and the elements installed within and upon it are systematized. Similar to the component approach of temporary automobile. Factory prefabricated was used to eliminate weather delay and allow for simultaneous preparation of the site and foundations.

Three types of structure will be constructed including life guard stations, comfort stations and offices. Each module is 15 feet and 12 feet high, 57 feet long and 47 feet long within interstate shipping limits. The module will be transported to each location on flat bed trucks where they will be set upon their pile foundations using cranes.
Modules are arranged in pairs and are connected by a series of fully accessible ramps and stairs, which will provide access to and from the beac and boardwalk. This was done to reduce the labor and maintain as small a footprint as possible on the beach.

The building are constructed of galvanized steel frame and are designed to endure extreme weather. They are finished with hight grade stainless steel and fiber reinforced concrete on the exterior. The building naturally lit and can be ventilated via continuous clerestories and skylights. 


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